What is Build your own panto?


Build Your Own Panto is all you need to deliver a whole unit of work whereby your pupils can write and perform their own pantomime. 
This is a unit of work that ANY teacher can just pick up and deliver, without any prior knowledge of their own and without having to do much planning or preparation at this particularly busy time of year. And it gives all children the opportunity to shine, whether that's by performing on stage or taking a backstage role in set design, prop making or script writing.

How does it work?

Build Your Own Panto is approximately two weeks of work for year 6 and 7 students.

It could be done intensively in just one week, or it could be done over several weeks allowing opportunities for lots of improv, playing and creating

First, you learn about Pantomime!

By watching one of our previously recorded shows and hearing how WE made the pantomime, you will get great ideas for your own. 

Then you write your own!

We have separated a traditional pantomime into 5 bitesize scenes and it's now time to let the classes imagination run riot! It's a panto - crazy ideas are great! 

Who can make up the 'cheesiest' joke? How about he's behind you? Oh no they aren't!

Once all the scenes are put together, you have yourself a script for a full pantomime!

Next is the production!

Your class will need to find, or make, their own costumes, props and scenery. We will provide the music but maybe there's a better song your class just loves!  Choose to do your own choreography, or use the moves we provide from our resident choreographer.

Finally, the performance!

Pupils watch each scene in order to experience a full pantomime, with themselves the star of one scene.

But the best bit? 

The whole process has been laid out in easy to follow lesson plans, which can be adapted to suit your pupils, so the hard work has been done for you!


What is included?


Basic Package

  • Full Lesson Plans with Key Teaching Points and Links to the National Curriculum

  • A video of a Pre Recorded Professional, Shooting Star Panto

  • An abridged Directors Cut Video, with commentary from our Director along with hints and teaching points of the panto

  • 5 Scenario Cards with each scene fully explained

  • Character Descriptions

  • Music for each scene, with and without vocals provided by our Musical Director

  • A video vocal warm up  with our Musical Director

  • Dance Tutorials by our resident Choreographer

  • One whole class online meeting with one of our Directors

Deluxe Package

As above, but with additional online meetings with Shooting Star performers.




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