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How long do you need to set up?

For our Pantomimes and Primary School Theatre In Education, we will arrive with you an hour before the show is due to start.  This gives us time to assess the space, unload our vehicle, put up our set and technical equipment as well as perform a necessary sound check and allow the cast time to get changed and put their make up on.  It usually takes between 30-40 minutes to pack down and clear the hall after the performance.

Our EYFS shows don’t use technical equipment so are able to be set up much quicker meaning that we arrive 15 minutes before the show is due to start.  This enables us time to put up the set and get changed.  It takes a similar time to pack down and clear the room.

How Long Are Your Shows?

Our Full Length Pantomimes last approximately 90 minutes, including a short interval, though can be performed without the interval if you wish.

Our 3 Man Pantomimes last approximately 50-60 minutes, varying slightly due to audience reaction, and our Theatre In Education shows are generally 45 minutes long.

Our EYFS shows last approximately 30 minutes, while Search For Santa is also followed by up to a 30 minute meet and greet with Santa.

What ages are your shows aimed at?

Our pantomimes are written primarily for a Primary School audience so we do not include innuendos, inappropriate jokes, language or gestures but include enough humour, songs and panto magic to be loved and enjoyed by all ages.

Many schools over the years have brought their nursery classes in to watch the pantomimes and they have thoroughly enjoyed the shows, but we recommend the younger children are sat at the back of the hall on benches as a 6 foot dame standing 2 feet away from a 4 year old sitting on the floor can very often appear as a giant.

If your audience will be consisted of entirely 5 and unders, we have our EYFS shows which are designed around the EYFS curriculum as well as being an ideal length and are interactive so even the shortest concentration span has something to keep them involved.

Our Theatre in Education shows are individually tailored to KS1, KS2, EYFS or a mixture of the three.  Please see the description of each show to find out what age range the show is for.

How Much Space Do You Need?

How much space do you need?

Our Pantomimes and Primary School shows require a hall or similar space with at least two plug sockets and we need a minimum depth and width of 4m.

Our EYFS Shows are able to be performed in a much smaller space, requiring a minimum depth and width of 2m.  Trip to the Beach and Teddy Troubles are very interactive and use the whole room so need to be in an area where the children are able to move around safely.

All of our teams are experienced in setting up in all shapes and sizes of rooms and will work with your staff to ensure we set up in the best, and safest, place.  We are also able to set up around breakfast clubs, lunches and any other activities if necessary.

Do you have a maximum audience size?

As long as everybody can fit comfortably in the room, we don’t mind how many people watch each Panto or Theatre in Education show.

However, because we get our EYFS audiences up and moving, we have a maximum audience number of 35 for Trip to the Beach and Teddy Troubles.  We also recommend a maximum of 35 children for Search For Santa to give all children the opportunity to meet Santa without being rushed.

Are your shows suitable for Special Needs?

With bright scenery and costumes, our shows have been enjoyed by many special needs children over the years.  One of the adaptations we have made in conjunction with one of our regular special need schools, is to condense our full length panto into a 45 minute show, removing the majority of dialogue and keeping in all the songs, dances and slapstick.

What about the Health and Safety side of the business?

Although our teams are never left alone with children and therefore don’t legally need one, we ensure that all our staff are DBS checked and travel with photo ID. 

All of our equipment is PAT tested annually and we hold full public liability and employers insurance to the value of £10 million.  We also train our team members in the health and safety issues that arise in touring and our Tour Managers are first aid trained.

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The children really enjoyed the panto! We have booked it for the last few years and have already booked for next year! Great team, lots of laughs.

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