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‘Late Again’ - whole school

Lily is always late for school. In fact Lily is always late... for everything! But Lily doesn’t care! In Late Again, we explore the consequences of poor time keeping, and how it effects those around us. We also look at the effect missing school can have on Lily’s future, and how she can make the right changes to be on time from now on.

We now offer two fantastic shows for your anti-bullying week - or for anytime through the year!


Cindersmella (Foundation & KS1)

Cindersmella takes a different look at the well loved story. Can Cinderella’s sister learn how to be a good friend? With the help of Buttons, her Fairy Godmother and your children, we learn how to be a friend to each other.

Anti Bullying

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Puss in Boots (KS2)

Puss In Boots teaches children what makes a bully, the different types of bullying and what to do if it is happening to you or someone you know. This well known story is the perfect way to teach children about bullies.

Anti Bullying

Written by request for a Kent Primary School,

Late Again lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for the whole school.


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All our anti-bullying shows are full of great music, engaging storylines, vivid costumes & bright scenery.