To ensure the safety of your children, staff, and our performers, we have developed a COVID-19 Policy, in keeping with Government guidelines. 

Please note, as the Government has now removed all domestic restrictions relating to Covid-19, we have returned to normal operation. However, we are ready and able to reinstate the Covid-19 Policy which we successfully operated under in 2021, which can be seen below, should the need require.

We hope this reassures you how important it is to us to protect everybody's health and gives you the confidence to book with us in 2022.

Pandemic Pantomime - no problem

‘Performance with Confidence’


It seems likely that Covid-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. To help our children adjust to this ‘new normal’ and reinstate many social activities they get so much pleasure from, we will need to reassure ourselves that we are doing this safely.

Shooting Star Entertainments has always prided itself on adopting best practice and we have now developed new measures to ensure future performances continue to ensure the safety of our audiences and cast.

Book With Confidence:

  • If social distancing measures are still in place, or if you are just not comfortable having all your children in the same place at the same time, we will be offering  multiple performances of our 3 man panto for a single day fee to enable smaller audiences to enjoy the show at a reasonable price. 

  • Should a new lockdown or school/venue closure mean your booking is unable to go ahead as planned, we will transfer your booking to later in the season or next year, without any additional cost to you.  Additionally, as long as your deposit has been paid, you will receive access to our equivalent online show, completely free of charge, which will be shareable with your remote learners/audience as well as in school for keyworker/vulnerable children.
    If rescheduling your booking is not possible, deposits will be refunded and there will be no charge for that booking at all. Please note, in this circumstance, access to the online version will not be given.
    While we are with you:

  • All cast will be tested regularly throughout their contract with us and should any team member display any symptoms, a replacement team will be sent to you.
    Should any team member be diagnosed with Covid-19, we will contact every venue visited by that team member in accordance to Government guidelines.

  • All team members will maintain social distancing from your children and staff.

  • All team members will wash and sanitize their hands regularly. They will also wear face masks/shields and disposable gloves when on your premises and not performing.
  • Where we cannot be taken into the performance space immediately, cast will wait outside or in a large space where social distancing can be maintained, rather than in a small reception area.

  • Contact with the designated staff member will be kept to a minimum and at a distance.

  • There will be no children or staff brought up on stage, unless there is an ability to keep that person at a safe distance at all times.

  • Stage areas on the ground will need to be a little bigger to ensure cast are able to keep a safe distance from any audience members immediately in front.

  • Where there is no boundary, such as Search for Santa we will mark tape on the floor to allocate a safe zone. Please help us by keeping children behind this line.

  • There will be no 1:1 with Santa for the end of the show. You will still have the option of ending the show with Christmas Songs Sing along, or, we can ask the children to stand in their space and Santa will speak with them from the stage area. We will look to bring back individual Santa conversations only when it is completely safe to do so.

  • Where we have full days at one venue, we will be unable to share your hospitality in staff rooms or school canteens. If you have a spare, empty room we can eat our lunch in, we will be very grateful. Otherwise we are happy to wait off site during lunch times.

Administrative measures:

  • All paperwork will be emailed prior to the performance date. You will be sent a reminder afterward to make sure that everything has been completed.

  • A confirmation call from the Tour Manager will happen as usual. However, if necessary, we will have a follow up phone call instead of speaking in person to the designated contact.

  • We ask that you transfer all money via BACS as much as possible. This information can be found on your invoice. We will still accept cash or cheques but please have it ready in advance. You will be told of any outstanding balance during your call from the Tour Manager.

    Before and after:
  • Emails and phone calls will include a section of risk assessment, asking how we can keep ourselves and your community safer based on your personal situations.

  • Our Tour Manager price is normally only valid while our cast is onsite. This will be extended wherever the discussion cannot happen in person, and will be valid for the follow up phone call.

Policy updated 22nd June 2022.
Regular reviews of and updates will take place ensure we remain up to date with Government guidelines.




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