Theatre In Education

Our Theatre In Education shows are a great way to teach your children important messages without them even realising they are learning.
Packed full with comedy, great songs and audience participation, we also provide a teachers pack with ideas for follow up lessons to back up the message of the show in your classroom.


February 2024

Captain Wonderweb
and the Curious Case of the Catfish

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Head off on an exciting adventure with Captain Wonderweb and the somewhat trusty crew as they explore the distant stars and, more importantly, what makes for safe web surfing.
In this adventure, the crew learn all about
internet safety, delivered in a fun and colourful package. Captain Wonderweb is an entertaining show with a crucial message for children growing up in the digital age.


July 2024

red riding hood

Teach your pupils how to spot tricky strangers and how to stay safe with this modern adaptation of a classic and well loved story. This show tackles online strangers as well as face to face... a great, fun way to spread an important message.

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November 2024


Captain Wonderweb and The Mysterious Cake

Join the Cyber Patrol as they tell they tackle a strange new problem, with The Mysterious cake. Written specially for KS2, this adaptation tackles the four types of bullying; social, cyber, verbal and physical.

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Zorg & Zarg 

Zorg and Zarg are having problems on their home planet - the aliens just aren't being very friendly.  
Zorg and Zarg have come to ask your EYFS for help. Can you help them discover the secrets of friendship?

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The Tale of the Big Bad Wolf

Written specially for KS1 and full of great music, engaging story-lines, vivid costumes and bright scenery. 
This show is a re-telling of the classic and well loved fairy tale.
Can your children help to stop the big bad wolf??

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