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Anti-Bullying – November 2019

Anti-Bullying Shows – Touring Mon 11th to Fri 22nd November

The Ugly Duckling


Anti Bullying

Is it right to pick on someone just because they look different to us? How can people with different interests be friends? 

This interactive show teaches EYFS and KS1 the importance of accepting people for who they are as well as encouraging them to feel confident in their own skins. 

With the main focus on how to be a good friend, this 45 minute show, packed full with great songs and comedy, is an excellent way to remind children how to be a good friend as well as teaching them methods to deal with bullying, should it occur.

The Adventures of Captain

Wonderweb – KS2

Internet Safety

Join Captain Wonderweb and the Cyber Patrol in their latest adventure, travelling through cyberspace and visiting schools, helping children stay safe from bullies on line and in the real world. 

Packed full with great songs and humour, this 45 minute show, written specially for KS2, is an excellent way to teach your children how to treat each other with respect and stay safe from bullies.

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“Good interaction with the children.  Age appropriate for the Key Stage.”

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