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Trip to the Beach

EYFS – July


Theatre in Education

Come and catch the train with us through your imagination to a trip of pure Summertime joy!

We’ll splash in the sea and play in the sand, find a fair and of course, ride a donkey. Through music and fun we͛ll have all the experiences of a Trip to the Beach without leaving your Nursery or Preschool setting.  

Based on outcomes from Understanding of the World and Health and Self Care, we plan and prepare for fun and safety in the sun.

Anti-Bullying – Red Riding Hood

FS & KS1 – November

Anti Bullying Show

Red Riding Hood has heard lots of nasty things about the wolf, but is he as mean and nasty as she thinks? Red has some important choices to make. Join Red, the Little Pig and Granny as they learn what makes a good friend, and how we should all behave towards each other.

Suitable for both Foundation and KS1, Red Riding Hood shows the importance of being a good friend rather than a bully and incorporates this years Anti Bullying Alliance theme: “Choose Respect.”

This pantomime style show includes slapstick humour, heart-warming songs, and plenty of audience interaction.

Anti-Bullying – Captain Wonderweb

KS2 – November

Cyber Security Show

Captain Wonderweb and the Cyber Patrol return in another adventure through Cyber Space, this time to defeat Dastardly Dave who is bullying everyone in sight. 

Teaching your children how to stay safe online as well as in the playground, this show has been written for KS2 and complements this year’s Anti Bullying Alliance theme – “Choose Respect”.

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Bully Bot

Anti Bullying Show

Bully Bot tells the story of Tammy, a girl who is a victim of a school bully, and creates a robot to defend her. 

Can your students help Bully Bot learn what bullying is, how it affects others and what to do to prevent it?

Teddy Troubles


Pre school Show

Exploring how important our friends are, whether we’re happy or sad, Teddy Troubles is a HALF HOUR long show exploring how to be a good friend. With singing and dancing (and the daringest detective around), you hide the teddies and we will find them. This is a great accompaniment to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

*The children will need to bring in a teddy or special toy*

Late Again

KS1 & KS2

Theatre in Education

Lily is always late for school. In fact, Lily is always late… for everything! But Lily doesn’t care! 

In Late Again, we explore the consequences of poor time keeping and how it affects those around us.  We also look at the effect missing school can have on Lily’s future, and how she can make the right changes to be on time from now on.

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“The children were very engaged, good interaction. And covered some areas of development eg maths, PSED. The children said they liked the bear and detective.”

Jeanie, Manager, Lilliput Pre-school – Teddy Troubles 2018

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