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Cyber Safety Week

4th – 8th February 2019

Cyber Security Show

Captain Wonderweb

Join Captain Wonderweb and his Cyber Patrol as they tackle letters and emails from children struggling with on line games, messages and strange things appearing on their screens.

Can they come up with answers and help your school stay safe online? Will Lieutenant Fishing Net destroy the computer?

Find out in our interactive, 45 minute show, teaching strategies for cyber safety.

Also, for November 2019:-

Anti-Bullying Shows – Touring Mon 4th to Fri 15th November

The Ugly Duckling


Is it right to pick on someone just because they look different to us? How can people with different interests be friends?

The Adventures of Captain Wonderweb – KS2

Join Captain Wonderweb and his crew in their next exciting encounter with bullying.

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“Good interaction with the children.  Age appropriate for the Key Stage.”

Lacey, Pear Tree Mead Academy

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